Hudson Eats is not your typical food court, unless your food court also includes marble high tops, views of the Hudson and chef-driven spots. You can’t go wrong with any of the 13 — and counting — stalls, featuring both new restaurants and offshoots of NYC staples. This also means it can be a bit overwhelming when faced with all of your options — each with a growing line and enticing menu that doesn’t make decisions any easier. So, we’ve put together a quick guide to where you should eat based on your cravings. Just listen to your gut, or in this case, your stomach.

If you’re craving pizza but just had three slices last night, still go to Skinny Pizza. Their pies have lost a few pounds, and calories, with a thin, crispy crust that can hold its own with a solid selection of toppings. So don’t feel bad about the back-to-back pizza — the SkinnyArugula could even pass for a salad.

If you’re craving something familiar and filling, go to Black Seed Bagel. A B.E.C. or pizza bagel will work for any meal of the day, and carbs are always a good idea — especially when they’re artisan bagels. For a little more excitement, check out their signature sandwiches with toppings like Tobiko cream cheese or buffalo cauliflower.

If you’re craving something that will defrost your bones from their winter chill, go to Northern Tiger. The noodle soups and rice bowls inspired by northern Chinese cuisine will warm up your insides after the first bite, as well as every bite after that.

If you’re craving something to treat yourself with, go to Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar. Grab a seat at their wooden counter and order up a sushi and sashimi platter, accompanied by some sake, for a luxurious lunch that doesn’t come with a splurge-y bill. And if fish isn’t your thing, their donburis and bentos are also delicious (and portable!) options.

If you’re craving something healthy to stick with that New Year’s resolution, go to Chop’t. You know the drill — whip up your own salad creation or pick one of their classic bowls or salads. Their hearty portions and exciting flavor combinations have the magical ability to make greens into a meal.

If you’re craving something that’s the opposite of a salad, go to Mighty Quinn’s. Want a full pound of pulled pork? No problem. But for the average person, a single serving of their slow smoked meat and a side or two makes for the perfect rib-sticking meal.

If you’re craving something that will satisfy your sweet tooth, go to Sprinkles. This one’s a given, and their rotation of both daily and seasonal flavors means you’ll never hit a cupcake rut.

If you’re craving something with a crunch and a kick, go to Fuku. Their spicy fried chicken sandwich can be dressed up or down to your liking, whether you’re feeling a sauce, seasoning, toppings or all of the above for your order. Wings and two salads are also on the menu, but the sandwich is the shining star, especially with its buttered potato roll.

If you’re craving something wrapped up in a tortilla, go to Dos Toros Taqueria. Another fast-casual essential, Dos Toros is proud of its slow-cooked beans and rice, unrivaled guac and always fresh ingredients. Pile your burrito, taco, bowl or quesadilla high with all the toppings your heart desires, and believe us when we say this calls for two hands.

If you’re craving something fresh and colorful, go to Num Pang. How often do you see a sandwich with pickled Asian pear and five-spice glazed pork belly? This Cambodian sandwich shop may be the only one with those ingredients on its lineup, and that’s just a tiny sampling of the vibrant flavors and combinations Num Pang is mixing up between their fresh baguettes.

If you’re craving something that will caffeinate you up, go to Olive’s. Between a cup of Stumptown coffee or espresso and one of their desserts on display (it’s difficult to not add a cookie to your order), you’ll have enough energy in your body to fuel your shopping day. For more solid sustenance, they’ve got you covered with savory cafe fare as well.

If you’re craving something sandwich-y without all the bread, go to Tartinery. They’ve mastered the open-faced sandwich, featuring a selection of tartines on sourdough topped with everything from the expected (ham and cheese) to the more surprising (roast beef and truffle mayo). Pair that with a glass of wine and you’ve got yourself a classy, light déjeuner.

If you’re craving something full of rich flavor, go to Umami Burger. Your taste buds will be freaking out over their namesake burger, with enough umami from ingredients like parmesan and shitake mushrooms to put truffles to shame. But don’t sleep on their other creations either, like the BBQ Pitmaster or Cali burgers.