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Earth Day

Brookfield Place is committed to investing in sustainability efforts that enhance our downtown community. Learn how we achieve this all year round across our campus.

At Hudson Eats


Every day, Hudson Eats diners have the option to dispose their left-over food and other compostable materials at the designated compost bins in the dining terrace.

Liquid Bins

Did you know any bottle or container filled with liquid will not be recycled properly and the vessel will end up in a landfill?

Brookfield Place makes it easy to recycle properly by providing our guests with liquid-only disposal bins! Take the extra step to ensure you're making a positive change.


Be sure to recycle the following items in our bins:

  • Aluminum cans 
  • Foil 
  • Paper & cardboard items 
  • Rigid plastic 
  • Glass jars and bottles

Do NOT recycle: Soft plastics, coated paper products, bubble wrap, Styrofoam

  • Reduces landfill waste and creates nutrient-rich soil
  • Lowers your carbon footprint, offsetting climate change

What can be composted?

Food scraps, soiled paper (ie. napkins/paper towels), and other organic matter!

About Think Zero

Brookfield Place works closely with ThinkZero to assist with waste reduction and diversion tactics.


Diverting materials from landfills reduces greenhouse gas emissions and leads to a more sustainable world.


ThinkZero believes “every little bit counts” – ever small, positive change towards sustainability is progress.

Learn More

To learn how you can make an impact, visit ThinkZero online.

On Our Rooftops

In partnership with Alevole, Brookfield Place makes sustainability sweeter by housing ten beehives on our building rooftops!

Why do urban beehives matter?

Even though bees are small creatures known as pollinators, they make a large impact on the environment.

Plus, our bees produce an ultra-local honey harvest our downtown community to enjoy – be sure to look out for future honey collaborations with our retailers and restaurants!

200 Liberty Street
225 Liberty Street
250 Vesey Street

On the Hudson River

North Cove Marina

Get out and enjoy mother nature by spending the afternoon on the Hudson River!

Visit North Cove Sailing at Brookfield Place for an experience you’ll never forget with the Statue of Liberty as your backdrop - learn sailing skills through their Sailing School or KIDSail Summer Camp. Alternatively, get a taste of sailing during their Community Sails program or book a private charter for a fun one-day excursion. 

Explore North Cove Sailing

Billion Oyster Project

What’s better than happy hour? Knowing that you’re giving back to our earth at the same time! 

Brookfield Place restaurants, PJ Clarke’s and Seamore’s, are proud participants in Billion Oyster Project, a program dedicated to repopulating oysters in NY harbor through shell collection.

Visit Our Restaurants
Did you know that it took less than 100 Years for New Yorkers to wipe out the oyster population in NY Harbor?

Why Do Oysters Matter?

Oyster reefs provide a sturdy, intricate habitat for hundreds of marine species, naturally filter the water, and help shield shorelines from storm damage.

Successful restoration of our oyster reefs and their ecological functions will revitalize local biodiversity, prepare a generation of environmental stewards, and build a more resilient Harbor to meet a changing climate.

In Our Public Spaces

Brookfield invests in our outdoor spaces by planting seasonal flowers.

Be sure to find a quiet spot on a bench around the Oval Lawn to take-in our beautiful blooms.

The Arts

Brookfield Properties Arts & Culture

Brookfield Properties Arts & Culture is committed to partnering with artists who create unique works of art that are not only responsive to the environment in which they are presented, but also the world in which we live.

Discover new performances, installations, and commissions throughout the year that seek to celebrate our earth while highlighting important environmental issues.

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At Our Shops & Restaurants

Denim Recycling Program

Receive $20 off full-priced denim after donating used or old jeans to Madewell’s recycling program. Time to get shopping!

Plant-forward Menu

Did you know Chopt's menu is 75% plant-based? This means they've already reduced their carbon output by 30% compared to traditional restaurants.

Organic Nail Care

Plaza M Spa offers non-toxic nail care and organic spa pedicures. They use only the finest organic spa products by Be, Care, Love Spa, OSEA and Eminence Organics for skincare, and the All-Natural GiGi for face and body waxing.