As New York City bounces back from months of quarantine, the iconic destinations that New Yorkers know and love play a crucial role in the recovery of the city. For a while, the only safe place to connect was online. And throughout this hard time for New York, Brookfield Place committed to creating these online spaces for people from all over the city, and all over the world, to connect with their virtual programming via #BFPLatHome. 

In every borough and every neighborhood, the biggest part of acclimating to our new normal is people feeling comfortable returning to the places they love, the places that make New York the Big Apple. 

If you’re ever Downtown or even just passing through the lower part of Manhattan, you’ve definitely run into Brookfield Place. And it’s probably pretty familiar! The palm trees… the glass ceilings… the stores… Hudson Eats… the views of the Statue of Liberty…  all adding up to an iconic New York City destination. 

Even if things look a little different, everything that makes you love Brookfield Place — all the things that make you love New York — are still there waiting for you to experience them. 

Brookfield Place is a perfect destination for a New York City weekend. Get your shopping done for the whole family in safety at stores like J. Crew for Mom and Dad or Babesta for the little ones, go to Hudson Eats for indoor dining, stop by Clean Market to get your wellness fix, and go see the Statue of Liberty when you visit the Waterfront for some fresh air. Or, meet up with friends a little later for a drink before the weather turns. Everything you’ve come to expect from Brookfield Place is now open and waiting for you. 

To ensure that more people can access what BFPL has to offer the community, they have dedicated services like curbside pick-up and concierge services so you can shop as safely as possible. If you’re looking to cook at home instead of visiting a restaurant, Brookfield Properties has also compiled a digital cookbook to benefit Relief Opportunities For All Restaurants as the food industry struggles in this unprecedented time. And you can access COVID-19 testing on-site with Carbon Health. 

Brookfield Place is coming together with New York City to create the new normal with a commitment to being All In On NYC. We can move forward as BFPL supports all the businesses it houses by providing safety guidelines and the right resources for them to continue to serve the community.