This year, it’s more important than ever to keep yourself healthy and safe throughout the winter months. With the holidays fast approaching, we’ve reached the home stretch of 2020; let Brookfield Place help you stay well as we close out the year in style. 

2021 NYC Winter Wellness Guide by BFPL

Brookfield Place’s latest destination is Clean Market, a modern wellness center located in the Winter Garden on Level 2 at 230 Vesey Street. Stock up on clinically tested wellness supplies at the apothecary market, or sign up for an innovative and effective appointment with one of our services, like IV drips, infrared saunas, cryotherapy, and much more. Step into modern wellness at Brookfield Place.

All In: A Stay Well NYC Pledge For Safety During Coronavirus

As the coronavirus continues to change the way we live, work, and shop, you can rest assured that Brookfield is holding itself to the highest safety standards. We’ve pledged to “Stay Well NYC,” a promise that we will follow mandated CDC guidelines and keep our community safe and healthy. Brookfield encourages social distancing, and masks are required for both staff and visitors. Surfaces like escalator handrails are consistently UV-sterilized. If you find yourself in need of a COVID test, we’ve got you covered there too; just contact the Carbon Health pop-up for more details.

Where to Get Fresh Air in NYC

As we settle in for a long winter, it’s easy to feel like the four walls of your apartment are the only thing left in the world. But even as you continue to social distance, a walk along BFPL’s Hudson River waterfront will do you good. Pick up some Chop’t or a Black Seed bagel at Hudson Eats and breathe some of that chill air in through your mask. It’s going to be okay.