Brookfield Place collaborated with For Five Coffee Roasters to bring customers a Limited-Edition Honey Oatmilk Latte, made with honey sourced from BFPL’s ten rooftop bee hives! 


Brookfield partnered with Alvéole, who helps bring nature into cities across the globe and to make urban agriculture a normal part of city life. Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem and urban communities. Providing a safe place to build their hives on our office property rooftops benefits not only the bees themselves, but also our communities. Bee colonies flourish in urban areas as they require an environment that fulfills three criteria: the absence of pesticides, an abundance of water and floral resources, and a temperate climate. Alvéole assists businesses, schools, and various organizations meet their engagement and sustainability goals by bringing bees to their building. The Brookfield Place office property rooftops are a ideal, safe place for our pollinators to call home.

In New York, our partnership with Alvéole has delivered 10 hives at Brookfield Place and 2 at MetroTech in Brooklyn, which contribute over 600,000 honey bees to the city’s ecosytem. With an additional 24,000 eggs being laid each day, our friendly pollinators are just get started – and so are we! Our program is rapidly expanding in markets across our portfolio.


For Five Coffee is a micro-roasting facility based in Queens, New York. The Brookfield Place café offers premium coffee beverages, juices, pastries, and grab-n-go items for breakfast and lunch. For Five believes that good coffee starts from the bean. For Five has traveled around the world to make direct relationships with small coffee farms who have the highest quality crop. The results of relentless searching, tasting, and cupping, can be experienced in every cup of For Five Coffee


For Five Coffee Roasters works to ensure that their suppliers, both domestic and international, are socially, legally, and ethically responsible to treat the products and people who work for them fairly and with dignity. For Five has relationships with many suppliers around the globe, spanning from green coffee, tea, brewing and manufacturing equipment. We expect all suppliers who do business with For Five Coffee Roasters to uphold responsible health, safety, environmental, and business ethics practices.

In consideration of past, current, and future purchases, For Five Coffee Roasters guarantees that all green coffees and teas imported or sourced in the United States are unadulterated and that all of the product that we have sourced up to this point complies with the Food Safety Modernization Act, Produce Safety Rule*. For Five Coffee does not market coffee or tea with GMO’s and is unaware of any GMO coffee or tea in the marketplace. Furthermore, many products For Five sources have certifications from QAI (3rd party Organic certifier for the USDA), Fair Trade USA, Fairtrade America (FLO), Rainforest Alliance and a Safety Inspection from OSHA.