RSM is an award-winning, after school math enrichment program trusted by parents for over 25 years across 75+ locations in North America. Our unique approach consists of a continuous kindergarten to high-school curriculum, taught by expert teachers, in a classroom environment of peers who study together year over year. 

K-12 students can choose from various classes to prepare them for the school year, math competition courses for additional challenge, or test prep courses. Fall classes are now enrolling at RSM Brookfield Place!


Award-winning math program

Our program emerged as a partnership between a passionate parent and gifted teacher, and has since launched a movement. Inessa Rifkin and Irina Khavinson fled the Soviet Union in search of a better life for their children. Together, they created a math education that mirrored their own – one of quality and depth. They would spark a movement. 

It has been over twenty years since that first class was held at Ms. Rifkin’s kitchen table outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Today, RSM serves over 50,000 students across North America, and has been covered by the Boston Globe, TED, NPR, and the Atlantic.

Featured in NPR and the Atlantic magazine as one of the key players in the “Math Revolution,” and ranked “among the top schools in the world” by the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, RSM helps children of all levels build a solid math foundation and develop their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. As Masha Gershman, the Director of Outreach at RSM states in her Ted talk “Uncertain Times Call for Certain Math”, advanced mathematics is not only within the grasp of every child but is also a crucial skill for achieving success in any field.



Our program is built around how a child’s mind works

Designed as a continuous program from K-12, our curriculum was developed by our team of academics specializing in mathematics, education, and child development. Our curriculum has continually been perfected by our curriculum department over the last two decades. Three levels for every grade allow us to meet children where they are and place them in an environment suited to them. This ensures that students can begin our program at any time and be challenged appropriately in an environment of peers. 

We have a pronounced understanding of and respect for how a child’s mind works at every age. Our program is built, and our teachers are trained, to harness a child’s natural inclinations and thinking patterns to ensure that they are engaged, challenged, and growing throughout each lesson. 


Talented faculty


All of our teachers have a background in mathematics or related field and a deep passion for the subject. Our extensive training program prepares our teachers to teach according to our specific methodology. Our teachers guide students to think about mathematics logically and conceptually, building deep connections between concepts, all in a classroom environment that keeps children consistently challenged.

How do I enroll my child?

For every interested student, we offer a free 30-minute math evaluation which is the best way to learn more about our program. An evaluation is an informal conversation with the potential student and his/ her family in order to understand what grade-appropriate math skills the student has before entering RSM. During your session, you can stay with your child and expect the following:

  • An introduction to our math curriculum and Fall programs
  • Interaction and instruction between your child and the evaluator
  • Observation of your child’s problem-solving techniques
  • Immediate feedback and the class level recommendation

We take pride in ensuring each student learns in an environment optimal for them while boosting their intelligence, confidence in math and learning abilities overall. Regardless of the grade and level of advancement, RSM students see higher grades in school, post remarkable scores on challenging math competitions and are highly successful in their continuing education. 

Challenge your child with math classes that will engage and excite them. Schedule a free evaluation at RSM Battery Park!