ADAM brings its first grooming atelier to the U.S., opening in Brookfield Place, with a 6-chair atelier. Clients will be able to step into ADAM and indulge in the artful hands and discerning eye of their house barbers. ADAM Grooming Atelier brings old-world craftsmanship and grooming rituals and updates them for the modern world. At ADAM, there is a lean into the history and mastery of the Turkish barber. Since 2016, the award-winning ADAM Atelier has created 9 uniquely designed spaces in London, where men can go to escape, replenish, and emerge feeling nurtured and groomed for city life.



ADAM has refined and developed a range of services from the wet shave to beard reshaping, head and neck massage, to skin fades. Customers can choose from a traditional haircut which includes our signature hot towel and ear flame, to a beard shape up or a skin fade. Guests can unwind with complimentary freshly brewed Turkish coffee, an expertly crafted old-fashioned, or perhaps a Japanese whisky on the rocks from our in-house bar.