Your grid will thank you

Check out Tepkik installation by artist Jordan Bennett:

“Suspended in the Winter Garden, artist Jordan Bennett’s site-specific installation intersects his Mi’kmaq ancestral and contemporary traditions. In particular, he draws on the Mi’kmaq petroglyph which depicts the Milky Way.

Historical references to the land, sky and our galaxy are illuminated by Bennett’s handling of color, both traditional and pop, his interpretation of Mi’kmaq quillwork patterns and motifs and the use of contemporary materials.”

Plus? It’s the perfect colorful addition to your grid on Instagram.

BFPL is the perfect place to shop for a ‘fit… And the perfect backdrop for a beautiful picture of your brand new look. I mean, c’mon, look at all the natural light.

Summer, in the end, is really all about sweat. Stop by Brookfield Place Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings to get involved in the Summer Fitness Series. We promise, you’ll get the perfect workout Instagram at the very least.

Instagram is the land of the foodies. Impress your friends with a sweet shot of a beer at a happy hour, a chicken sandwich from Fuku, or a grand meal at a restaurant.

Let the sun speak for itself!!!

There are few spaces in New York more recognizable than Brookfield Place. When in doubt, rely on the palm trees to give you a killer Instagram shot that won’t leave anyone asking where you are.

If you’re posting pictures from Brookfield Place, be sure to follow them on Instagram at @bfplny.