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Artwork by Jessie and Katey

BFPL Complex

Through a collaborative process of layering simple forms one by one, artists Jessie and Katey have created three geometric landscapes that bring movement and depth to the two-dimensional spaces of Brookfield Place.

Faces and Spaces can be viewed at 300 Vesey Street starting March 30. Rollercoaster Sunrise and Affiliated Buddies and Pals, Inc will open at 200 and 250 Vesey Street later this spring.

Dimensions of Music is a fourth vinyl artwork that will be on display in the Winter Garden through January 9. The piece is a visual interpretation of sound patterns in conversation.

About Jessie and Katey Studios

Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn make up the Baltimore-based artist team better known as Jessie and Katey. Their mission is to transform public spaces into vibrant, playful experiences, and use a highly geometric, abstract language to engage with the history, architecture, and culture of a place. They believe that the aesthetics of one’s environments can influence emotions and state of mind. With a passion for people and design, they bring life to unsung spaces through abstract painting.

Jessie and Katey’s work can be seen across Brookfield Properties’ portfolio. Wayback Machine is a work that the artist’s commissioned in 2021 for Brooklyn Commons that is inspired by the network of pathways that function above and below New York’s surface. They also created an immersive mural in 2019 that can be found at The Guild in Washington D.C.


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