For a limited-time, Big and Tiny is offering two special enrollment promotions:

  1. From August 22nd to September 2nd, Big & Tiny is offering a variety of enrichment programs (such as Puppetry, Spanish Storytime, and Maker’s Studio) for children of all ages to explore and develop their curiosity. Enter code ENRICHMENT at checkout for one free, one-hour specialty enrichment class.
  2. Receive $500 off first month’s membership for Big and Tiny’s full-time programming beginning in the fall. To purchase an on-demand pass or membership, visit this link. Code to redeem discount is: Hellony.

Big & Tiny is a nursery and preschool that also offers on-demand childcare, bi-coastal workshops, classes, networking opportunities and cooperative workspaces for parents.  Already a tremendous success in Santa Monica, they will be opening a new location in Brookfield Place this fall.  

Keltse Bilbao founded Big & Tiny so she did not have to choose between career and family.  “Being a working parent is two full-time jobs,” says Bilbao.  “Our mission is to support the growth and development of both the child, the parent, the family and the community.”

Bilbao, born and raised in Spain, is by nature an innovator.  You may have seen Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a pair of shoes she designed, or maybe you have used her on-call esthetician service to get an in-home facial. For the past several years, her primary focus has been theories and practices of learning for early childhood development, going so far as to get her Master’s in Education from the University of Pennsylvania.  “Our method is inquiry-based,” says Bilbao.  “It is rooted in curiosity and wonder.  I try to model this in my own life.  I always want to learn more.”        

The nursery-school’s philosophy draws from and expands on several evidence-based practices including Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Visual Thinking Strategies and Arts Integration.  “It is about bringing the world into the classroom and the classroom into the world,” says Bilbao.  

Over the next few years, Big & Tiny plans to open several locations across the US.  Members of one location have access to all locations.  “I don’t just want to build a school or a workspace,” says Bilbao. “I want to build a community, a movement.”    

Big & Tiny is now enrolling for the 2022-2023 school year.  Spots are going quickly so reach out today!  Don’t choose between career and family; choose Big & Tiny.

To learn more about their programs visit their website or contact via e-mail: