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Mindful Appreciation and Reflections with Tea Arts & Culture

Winter Garden

LOCATION UPDATE: The event on July 25 will take place indoors, in the Winter Garden. We look forward to seeing you there!

Unwind in the Birch Grove with Tea Arts and Culture for a 20-minute curated artful tea experience that will explore the vast world of tea and expand our appreciation of nature.

The ceremony is presented in conjunction with Miya Ando’s artwork on view in the Winter Garden, Flower Atlas, which reimagines the 72 seasons of the nature-based ancient agrarian Japanese calendar system.

Get a taste of the mindful appreciation of tea through small group tea ceremonies, reflect on the moment with haiku writings, and learn about different teas from around the world through tea sampling.

Tea Ceremony | 11:30, 12:00, 12:30 & 1:00 PM

Take a 20-min tea break with us through the mindful appreciation of tea. Limited spots and registration are required.

Click here to register.

Haiku Activity

We invite you to taste the July flower infusion tea, write a Haiku poem, and share this beautiful space with us. When you’re finished, you may keep your haiku or plant the seed paper into the earth to watch your creation grow!

About Tea Arts & Culture:

Tea Arts & Culture is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating connections through the art of tea. We build connections between arts and cultures while rediscovering our connections to nature and to each other. We believe that tea can inspire self-reflection and creativity. We strive to cultivate an appreciation for the diverse arts and cultures around us in NYC by bringing people together to enjoy cross-cultural tea ceremonies, storytelling, and multi-sensory and multidisciplinary arts such as poetry, music, and performances. We organize tea gatherings and educational workshops in public green spaces, gardens, city parks, and senior centers. Our Nature Tea has been sponsored by Brooklyn Art Council since 2019 and our various programs are endorsed by many of our partners including Prospect Park Alliance, GreenThumnNYC, Hamilton-Madison House, and many others.

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