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New Artwork by Sui Park: Sprinkle and Palate

Winter Garden Gallery at Brookfield Place

The work presented in the Winter Garden Gallery is a combination of two series by Sui Park, Palate and Sprinkle, which aim to evoke memories and feelings through color, material, and form. Palate is an abstract representation of the sense of taste, while Sprinkle visualizes feelings of excitement and enthusiasm.

What do you feel when you view these works?

Sui Park’s work will also be on view at 200 Liberty Street through November 3. Click here to learn more.

Sui Park is a New York based artist born in Seoul, Korea. Her work involves creating 3-dimensional flexible organic forms of a comfortable ambiance that are dynamic, mystical, or illusionary.

My work involves creating 3-dimensional organic forms in generic and biomorphic shapes. Through these forms, I attempt to express seemingly static yet dynamic characteristics of our evolving lives. While they resemble transitions and transformations of nature, the forms are to capture subtle but continuous changes in our emotions, sentiments, memories, and expectations.

I weave and connect traces and tracks of subtle changes into organic forms. The organic forms are made with mass-produced industrial materials monofilament and Cable Ties. They are non–durable, disposable, trivial, inexpensive, and easily consumed materials. But, when I weave and connect them, they are transformed into organic visualizations. I want them to be creating lasting moments, evoking, and encapsulating our precious thoughts.

I often find these moments from nature. I think nature allows us to pause and find things that have been overlooked and are inspiring. Nature provides me with rooms to find breakthroughs and answers and gives me time to ponder into thoughts. Through my work, I want to bring to our attention the moments that nature allows us to find and look forward. I present nature in abstract and porous ways so that they can be filled with our thoughts and moments.


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