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Born in Oasi Zegna

Winter Garden Gallery

Photography exhibit in the Winter Garden Gallery.

An area thirty times the size of New York City’s Central Park in the Italian Alps, Oasi Zegna surrounds ZEGNA’s Wool Mill and has been home to the brand’s values since 1910. Ermenegildo Zegna began reviving the area’s once-barren landscape with the planting of a single conifer — igniting a reforestation project that has resulted in 500,000 trees and counting being planted to date.

The images presented in the Winter Garden Gallery depict the thriving 100km² ecosystem crossed by the 232 Road in the Italian Alps. The 232 Road was first paved by Ermenegildo in the 1930s to connect Oasi Zegna to local communities. Symbolic of ZEGNA’s ‘Made in Italy, Crafted for Tomorrow’ ethos, it represents both the brand’s history and future. In particular, the brand’s commitment to sustainability and traceability of the fibers that comprise fine ZEGNA fabrics.

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