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Live Music: Slow Packer and For Def

Waterfront Terrace

Join us on the waterfront Thursday nights for stunning views, cold drinks, and live music by an exciting array of DJs and live bands who will provide you with a sunset soundtrack.

August 15 will feature music by Slow Packer and For Def!


For Def: 7:00 – 7:40pm

For Def is the “for fun” band of Jack, Maddie, and Mike of Slow Packer. It started as a weekly jam and has turned into a “real band” because they are working on a tape now. So far, a lot of the music has been improvised live but For Def is currently working towards through-composed tunes that are low-key contemplative and emotional and only go high-key a few times. Overall, you will probably think “nice, this is actually pretty chill. I could listen to this on a pleasant drive, maybe on the way to a hike or something like that.” There is electric guitar (Maddie), bass (Mike), drum set (Jack), and sometimes—on the demos they are working on—there is a lush synth pad in there too.


Slow Packer: 7:50 – 8:30pm

Slow Packer is a musical project formed by songwriter and producer, Jack Victor.  The project also includes collaborations with several other singers and instrumentalists.  After the break-up of his band Midnight Snack in 2017, Victor continued to write songs and make recordings. In 2019 he decided to adopt the moniker Slow Packer to release this new music. A quote from Slow Packer: “Songs are made from starts and stops, periods of fullness followed by periods of emptiness. I’ve been around this cycle many times in the last few years. Each time, there is one song that is the inspiration for many others to come. This initial song becomes like a mission statement—a set of ideals and values—to expand upon.”

  • Live Bands: Thursdays, July 11 – August 15


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