Get your skate on

Happy hour is, arguably, the best hour of any day, especially when it involves something other than drinking. Most places offer snacks and live music and entertainment to help take their happy hour experiences to the next level, but if you’re coming to Brookfield Place to get your drink on, the options for pre- (or post-!) happy hour fun are truly endless. Below, we’ve compiled some of the best things to do at Brookfield Place before partaking in some delicious, discounted food and drink in one of the many happy hour specials the mall has to offer. As the saying goes, it’s five o’clock somewhere!

Check out the Luminaries exhibit

Nothing gets you in the mood for a cocktail like a stunning art exhibit, and the Luminaries exhibit is no exception. Featuring a canopy of colorful, glowing lanterns, the Luminaries is a truly magical experience — especially if you make it in time for one of the light shows that happen from 8 am to 10 pm each day.

Go for a quick skate

You’ll be craving a nice glass of wine or festive cocktail after checking out the ice skating rink at Brookfield Place. Not only is the rink open for public skating all day, every day, but it also includes some seriously gorgeous views of the Hudson river, Lady Liberty included.

Or just take in the view…

Seriously, just check out the views!

Stop by Equinox for a quick workout

Ready to throw down on some cocktails and apps? Maybe stop by Equinox for a workout first. Boasting incredible views of the city, this location will truly take your workout to the next level. After all, what better time to indulge in some happy hour treats than after a revitalizing workout?

Shop in some amazing stores

From New Stand to b8ta to SuitSupply, if you’re looking for anything Brookfield Place probably has a place that sells it. Get your shopping on before you get your drink on. Check out the full list of shops.